Spielrunden am Freitag – SPIEL Messe (2023)

3-headed dogSpielrunde10:00-19:00WARIGIN5J103WARIGIN ist ein konfliktorientiertes, schnelles Brettspiel, das in 5 Minuten erklärt ist. Es ist optimiert für zwei bis drei Spieler, die spannende taktische Herausforderungen in sich stets ändernden, asymmetrischen Fraktionskriegen suchen.

WARIGIN is a highly competitive, rapid boardgame which is explained in 5 minutes. It is designed and optimized for two to three players who enjoy exciting tactical matches in everchanging asymmetric faction wars.

3-headed dogSpielrunde12:00-15:00WARIGIN - Blind Date5J103Spielen für einsame Herzen: Du bist alleine auf der SPIEL' 19? Unser Team verkuppelt dich aktiv mit einem Spielpartner für eine Runde WARIGIN. Bitte melde dich mindestens 30 Minuten vorher bei uns.

Playing for lonely hearts: You are alone at SPIEL '19? Our team actively matches you with another player for a WARIGIN session. Please contact us at least 30 minutes in advance.

AmigoSpielrunde10:00-18:00Pokémon Sammelkartenspiel3H103Lerne das Pokémon Sammelkartenspiel mithilfe einer Spieldemonstration kennen. Pikachu und seine Freunde warten auf dich. Als Trainer begibst du dich an den Tisch, um mit einem Pokémon-Deck herauszufinden, wer von euch der beste Trainer ist.AmigoSpielrunde10:00-18:00Force of Will TCG3H103Beim Force of Will TCG geht es um Grimms Märchen, Alice im Wunderland, Zombies, Vampire und Drachen. Die Spieler schlüpfen in die Rolle eines Herrschers und treten im Kampf gegeneinander an. Unsere Einsteiger-Demos richten sich an Neulinge und Sammelkarten-Erfahrene.AmigoSpielrunde10:00-19:006 nimmt! Brettspiel; Bohna Nostra; Carnival of Monsters; Grizzly; Lobo 77; #MyLife; Tatort Tonne; Wizard Würfelspiel3H103Alle vier Messetage können von früh bis spät am Amigo-Stand unsere Herbstneuheiten und zahlreiche Klassiker getestet werden. Jede Menge Spieleerklärer stehen für euch bereit, sodass ihr euch die Regeln nicht selbst durchlesen müsst, sondern direkt losspielen könnt.Ares GamesSpielrunde10:00-18:00Monsters vs Heroes; Nightmarium3E100Learn how to play our simple and fun horror-themed games Monsters vs Heroes and Nightmarium and play a game with our event team!Ares GamesSpielrunde10:00-18:00Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles3E100Learn how to play Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles and play a game with our event team!Ares GamesSpielrunde10:00-18:00WW2 Quartermaster General - 2nd Edition3E100Learn how to play Quartermaster General and play a game with our event team!Ares Games Spielrunde10:00-18:00Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes2C114Learn how to play Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes and play a game with our event team!Artel W MiniaturesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Hydrophilia 6M113The author of the game Alexey Kozlov and members of Artel W Miniatures will be holding a gaming sessions of Hydrophilia at the Artel W Miniatures booth. We have fully painted miniatures and terrain for you to enjoy and get introduced in the dystopian world of Hydrophilia a cyberpunk skirmish wargame.AsmodeeSpielrunde10:00-19:00Fun Fast Games3B108Kurz erklärt, schnell gespielt, hoher Spaßfaktor!AsmodeeSpielrunde10:00-19:00KeyForge1B103Ständige Spiele-Demorunden, Miniturniere und Interaktionsflächen - werde Teil von KeyForge im Rahmen des Speed-Cosplays und geh auf die Jagd nach tollen Gimmicks. Tauche ein in die Welt von KeyForge!AsmodeeSpielrunde10:00-19:00Party Games1D101Let's have a party - unsere Party-Kracher-Spiele! Drumherum gibt es weitere Neuheiten von Asmodee.Backspindle GamesSpielrunde10:00-18:00MourneQuest 5B130MourneQuest is a cooperative game for 2-4 players.
Enjoy a playthrough of this new and exciting game, full of Irish myth and magic.
The designers of the MourneQuest will be at our booth all weekend to guide your play and sign your copy.Blue OrangeSpielrunde11:00-12:00Dice Academy3M107Come and play with Yannick Gobert, the author of Dice Academy (french speaking only).Blue OrangeSpielrunde14:00-15:00Pappy Winchester3M107Come and play with the author of Pappy Winchester, one of our hottest games for this year end!Blue OrangeSpielrunde16:00-17:30Slide Quest3M107Come and play with the authors of Slide Quest, Nicolas Bourgouin & Jean-François Rochas!BoardcubatorSpielrunde10:00-19:00Project L; Space Race: The Board Game (prototype)2C144BombyxSpielrunde14:00-15:00Conspiracy5D101Come and join us when Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier, the two authors of Conspiracy, present their new standalone game in the Abyss universe. Can you elude the plots of your opponents to establish your empire and reign supreme over the Oceanic Senate Assembly?
(Collecting / Combinaisons / Optimization).Bragelonne GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Horde5F108A chaotic card game with 12 powers to master! Game mechanism: chaos, cards, location. A game by Stephane Pigneul illustrated by Olivier Fagnère.Bragelonne GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00The Great Escape5F108In this prison, everyone has an objective. The prisoners try to escape, the guards try to stop them.
Game mechanism: Hidden identities, bluff, calculation.
A game by Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders) illustrated by Cyril Bouquet (Kingdomino). Bragelonne GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Magnum Opus (prototype)5F108Come and play our new strategy game: Magnum Opus.
During the reign of Emperor Rudolph II, Prague was a capital of the occult arts. Alchemists and other leading figures from all walks of life gathered in this city. Come to the city of the alchemists to complete your Magnum Opus, your great work, outshining those of your rivals! Mechanism: cards draft, set collection, majority.Clicker SpieleSpielrunde10:00-18:00Völkerschlacht 1813 / Battle of the Nations 18132A110Vorstellung der Spieleneuheit Völkerschlacht 1813.

Presentation of the new game Battle of the Nations 1813.

Clicker SpieleSpielrunde10:00-18:00Deadwood 1876; Schinderhannes 1803; Fleet 1715; Napoleon 1813 2A110Vorstellung der Reihe: Denkerspiele für ein bis zwei Spieler.

Presentation of the series: Denkerspiele (brainteaser) for one to two persons.

Cool Mini Or NotSpielrunde10:00-19:00Zombicide: Invader1F113Erlebt Zombicide auf eine neue Art und Weise bei uns am Stand - Brettspiel und Konsole verschmelzen zu einer Spieleinheit.Corvus BelliSpielrunde10:00-19:00Infinity Defiance6L109Infinity Defiance is the new Dungeon Crawler from Corvus Belli.Cosmodrome GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Aquatica; Squire; Skytopia2D113Being quite different, Aquatica, Squire and Skytopia will nevertheless surprise you with an easy but deep gameplay, innovative components and beautiful art. Join us to dive deep in the Big Ocean, buy valuable relics in Victorian England or build the greatest Sky Capital. Enjoy with family or friends.Cosmodrome GamesSpielrunde14:00-16:00Followers (Kickstarter)2D113Followers is a hardcore eurogame combining two epic subjects - mythology and time travel.
As a god you will send your avatars to different eras to convert as many people as possible to your faith. Make your followers build the symbols of faith in your honour, using conjoined and finite resources of their time.
The gameplay is tricky: resources used in the past expire in the present and future. A unique electronic device helps manage the whole process. Instead of counting, you just need to press a button. Join us to enjoy the game!
Available for demo only. Coming to Kickstarter 2020.Crooked Tower Spielrunde14:00-16:00Possession, a Daemonic Card Game4A101Digital Game TechnologySpielrunde11:00-17:00DGT Centaur4C103Play against DGT Centaur, the adaptive chess computer!Don't Panic GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Above2D128Combine reasoning and strategy to anticipate your opponent's intentions and lead your favorite contender to new heights, above all the other gods! For the first time at SPIEL '19.Don't Panic GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00CowBoy Bebop: Space Serenade 2D128A jazzy space opera deckbuilding game based on the cult series with 5 exclusive minis! You can discover the CowBoy Bebop board game for the first time at SPIEL '19 and you have a chance to win a box!
Don't Panic GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Maiko2D128Maiko is an elegant board game where you will play as a geisha apprentice during the Meiji Era in Japan. Your goal is to become an exceptional woman by excelling in traditional Japanese arts like dance, music or wearing the kimono.Don't Panic GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex2D128First board game in the Ghost in the Shell universe. Asymmetrical deckbuilding game including original minis. One of the player is the Dark Ghost and will bring chaos in town. Will section 9 succeed in stopping the menace?DustlabSpielrunde10:00-19:00Takayama5M110Gaming table all day, come and test your dexterity skills with us!!!dV GiochiSpielrunde10:00-19:00Origami - Legends3E108Origami - Legend is a fast, fun card game for everyone! Each player has to collect folds in order to play Origami cards. Whoever can best combine the special abilities of his origami cards will have victory at hand! Origami - Legends can be combined with Origami or played as a stand-alone game. The dV Giochi demo staff will run gaming sessions everyday.Ediciones PrimigenioSpielrunde10:00-19:00RatVille; Kingdom Defenders; Ramen5E113We will be doing demos at our booth all the fair.Elf Creek GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00End of the Trail5D126We will be running demos and full plays of End of the Trail. In End of the Trail, you are a prospector searching for gold in the California valley during the Gold Rush of 1849. Search the hills, canyons and mountains to strike it rich using multi-use cards to explore.Elf Creek GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Honey Buzz (Kickstarter)5D126We will be running demos and full playthroughs of Honey Buzz at our booth. Honey Buzz is a worker (bee) placement game by Paul Salomon where you are a queen bee overseeing a buzzing economic empire that sells honey to bears. Honey Buzz will be buzzing to Kickstarter November 5, 2019, with artwork from Anne Heidsieck (Welcome To..., Majesty: For the Realm).Elf Creek GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition5D126We will be running demos and full playthroughs of Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition the entire show at our booth!Farbood Engareh (Reality Game)Spielrunde17:00-18:30King Thief Minister5E106Thief or King? Executioner or Sheriff? Peasant or Minister? Who is right and who is bluffing? Claim a character and challenge other players! With focus, attention and intelligence, take the coins and win the game!Forbidden GamesSpielrunde12:00-13:00Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates! 5G12820 people each day compete in this deck building, pirate ship racing game of plundering, treasure collection and adventure to be the most famous pirate! Free to play, the winner of each session gets a free copy of the game. Signup daily at the Forbidden Games booth for a chance to play.Freebooter MiniaturesSpielrunde10:15-18:30Freebooter's Fate6F101Bist du ein waschechter Pirat? Oder noch ein Deckschrubber? Egal! Komm vorbei und spiel mit. Wir haben spannende und lustige Spielrunden für euch. Anmeldung bei uns am Stand.Giochix.itSpielrunde10:00-18:30De Vulgari Eloquentia Deluxe1C123Gotha GamesSpielrunde10:00-12:00Race! Formula 90 2nd Edition (Kickstarter)1F132Demo sessions in anticipation of the Kickstarter campaign.Gotta2 (Gottani) Spielrunde10:00-19:00Yanagawa, KazutakaWhere am I? Alice in a Mad Tea Party 5K112The game is based on the world of Alice in Wonderland. So come and prepare a tea party with us, see who you invite and negotiate the seating arrangements.HasbroSpielrunde10:00-19:00Mit Sprache spielen bei Monopoly Voice Banking und Jetzt mal ehrlich!3J107Monopoly trifft auf moderne Sprachsteuerung! Der interaktive Banking-Zylinder wickelt per Sprachsteuerung den kompletten Zahlungsverkehr ab. Wer hingegen schon immer wissen wollte, ob der Mitspieler nicht doch schummelt, kann die Wahrheit auf diese und viele weitere Fragen mit dem Lügendetektor-Spiel Jetzt mal ehrlich! ans Licht bringen. Beide Neuheiten sind im Verleih und zusätzlich am Stand aufgebaut zum direkten Ausprobieren.HasbroSpielrunde10:00-19:00Großer Spieleverleih der Hasbro Gaming Neuheiten & ausgewählter Klassiker.3J107Unser Tipp beim diesjährigen Hasbro Gaming Spieleverleih: 4 gewinnt Action! Das bekannte Spielprinzip mit einem actionreichen Twist! Stellt eure Fingerfertigkeit unter Beweis und lasst schneller 4 Bälle in eine Reihe springen als euer Gegenspieler.Hasbro Spielrunde10:00-19:00Risiko Junior3J107Ahoi Piraten! Alle Kinder ab 5 Jahren an Bord und losgesegelt! Wer kann bei der neuen Junior Version des Hasbro Gaming Klassikers Risiko wohl die meisten Inseln erobern? Die Neuheit ist im Verleih und zusätzlich am Stand aufgebaut zum direkten Ausprobieren.Hexy StudioSpielrunde10:00-19:00Star Scrappers: Cave-in 5K105Wealth and Glory awaits you! Star Scrappers: Cave-in is a game for 2 to 4 players, competing to mine Hexis crystals. As a mining boss, you will have to recruit new mercenary laborers, use their skills and collect precious artifacts. Never let your guard down though, as your competition is waiting for a chance to buy off your trusted men and steal the bounty from under your nose!Hexy StudioSpielrunde10:00-19:00Hard City 5K105Hard City is a 1 vs All tactical adventure game in a new retro setting. During the scenario-driven gameplay, one player takes the role of the evil mastermind Doctor Zero, while all the other players become brave officers of the Hard City Police Department, aiming to upset his wicked plans. Also available in a fully cooperative and solo gameplay mode.Hexy StudioSpielrunde10:00-19:00Slyville 5K105Slyville is a game of pretense and deceit for 3-5 players in which managing your resources matters just as much as your bluffing skills and the ability to figure out the opponents' strategy. Try to predict what goods your adversaries might need, and do your best to upset their plans, but above all, secure the most valuable deals for yourself!Integrity First GamesSpielrunde11:00-16:00Verge of War Wargame6C118Mandryka Kyrylo and Tatarinov Andrii will tell you the background and plans of the game.
Jolly Dutch ProductionsSpielrunde10:00-19:00Boogie Beasts; Chartered: The Golden Age4D108Gaming sessions with rule explanation.Jugendorganisation im Schachbund NRW e.V.Spielrunde10:00-19:00Schach ist bunt!5E101Die Schachjugend NRW im Schachbund NRW e. V. zeigt dieses Jahr, dass Schach rockt und über die vielen Jahrhunderte hinweg seinen Reiz nicht verloren hat. Außerdem werden auf dem Messestand Praktiker mit Tipps und Materialien Interessenten aus Kindergarten, Schule und Verein Rede und Antwort stehen.

Der Schachbund NRW präsentiert unter dem Motto Schach ist bunt vielfältige Mitmach-Aktionen des bekannten Brettspiels rund um Bauern, Damen und Könige. Die verschiedenen Angebote, Spielgelegenheiten und vielen Schachvariationen für 1 bis 10 Personen (fast) jeden Alters erinnern daran, dass Schach mehr denn je ein Spiel für alle ist.

Schach lernen in Kürze - wir erklären die Regeln.

Schach spielen gegen Meisterspieler - die Besucher haben die Möglichkeiten gegen Meisterspieler anzutreten.

Kasimir Hahn SpielefabrikSpielrunde11:00-13:00Middelanis, Martin; Middelanis, Thomas; Brünger, Nils; Büteröwe, NilsDer große Reibach5M115Spielrunde mit den Autoren.Kasimir Hahn SpielefabrikSpielrunde15:00-17:00Middelanis, Martin; Middelanis, Thomas; Brünger, Nils; Büteröwe, NilsDer große Reibach5M115Spielrunde mit den Autoren.Konami Digital EntertainmentSpielrunde10:00-19:00Yu-Gi-Oh! (Trading Card Game)3K103Demo-Runden für Master Duel und Speed Duel.Konami Digital EntertainmentSpielrunde11:00-18:00Yu-Gi-Oh! (Trading Card Game)3K103King of Games - Spiele ein Match. Wenn du gewinnst, bist du King und bekommst einen neuen Gegner sowie einen Chip. Für jeden Sieg erhälst du einen weiteren Chip. Wer verliert ist raus. Die Chips kannst du gegen Booster Packs tauschen. Wie lange kannst du dich auf dem Thron halten? (Speed Duel Format)Krimsus KrimskramskisteSpielrunde10:00-19:00Sandfuchs, Ralf; Sienholz, Mark Der Herr der Wichtel; Beutelschneider3A104Einführungsrunden in unsere neuen Kartenspiele Der Herr der Wichtel und Beutelschneider mit den Autoren der Spiele Krimsu und Sandfox.Lavka GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Pocket Detective; #ArtBox5H130Legends of SignumSpielrunde10:00-19:00Dragon Hunters; Fantasy Commander6M102Legends of SignumSpielrunde10:00-19:00SignumGame Wargames6M102We organize a presentation about Legends of SignumCCG wargame as well as two brand new wargames- Dragon Hunters and Fantasy Commander. Our wargames include high-quality resin miniatures 32mm scale that will be a great addition not only for the players but also for the miniatures collectors. A brand new wargameFantasy Commander will include 15mm scale miniatures. Besides a presentational part, we organize game sessions where the players will be able to try gameplay, check out the game aspects, test the miniatures themselves, and, of course, speak with the developer team.
SignumGame team, presented by general managerKonstantin Glyebov, project managerSergey Sherstiperov and community manager Yevhenii Shkut.LibelludSpielrunde10:00-19:00Obscurio1F103Spielt Obscurio im eigens dafür gebauten Herrenhaus.Lord of the ChordsSpielrunde10:00-19:00Lord of the Chords: The Punniest Music Theory Card Game!5M126We will be demoing Lord of the Chords at our booth. We'll be glad to share about our Kickstarter journey and the inspirations behind our musical game. There'll be live musicians at our booth so come check us out! We'll also have games in stock at a special SPIEL price for guests to buy.Lui-MemeSpielrunde10:00-19:00Die Werwölfe von Düsterwald3B108Die Werwölfe im neuen Gewand - spielt den Klassiker der Großgruppenspiele!Massif GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Mountaineers5D130Every one hour, attendees are invited to play Mountaineers: A 3D Board Game with room for 1-6 players. Recommended age is 14 years and older. You can reserve a one hour time slot to play at any time by emailing corey@massifgames.com or by WhatsApp at +1-503-507-8812.Meet 'n PlayAnderes14:00-18:00Meet 'n Play - Spielen mit Podcaster-, Blogger- und YouTuberInnenSaal EuropaAuf der SPIEL '19 kannst du auf über 900 qm deine gekauften Spiele ausprobieren, dir erklären lassen oder dich einfach mit bekannten Podcaster-, Blogger- und YouTuberInnen austauschen.

Teilnehmer: Insert Moin, The Spielträumers, Brett vorm Pod, Akte Aurora, Fjelfras, Spieletreffen Verteiler, Die besten Familienspiele, Du bist dran!, Brettspielbox, Spielbar.com, Spielpunkt, Brettagoge, Brettspielpoesie, Meeplecast, Bretter Board Games, Spieleleiter, Nerd meets You, Spielevater, Spiele Joker, Würfelmagier, Herzgeräusch, Spiel doch mal!, Vitruvian Gamer, Meeple Eksyen, Brettballett, Brettspielrunde, Ella loves Boardgames, Boardgame.ID, Würfel & Zucker, Die Spieledinos, Chaosbären, The Game Shelf, Board Game a Day, Solomanolo, Bretterwisser, Fux & Bär, Spielfritte, Brettergymnasium, Game 4 Life BG, PiBo Boardgames, Spielwelten, Play that funky boardgame, Brettspiel-Angebote, Get on Board, Brettspieler.

Mistwall Studio S.L.Spielrunde10:00-19:00Endarth: Covenant (Kickstarter)6C105Endarth: Covenant is a new adventures' game, set in a sword&sorcery world, inhabited by humanstogether withother fantasy creatures. This tabletop game with a heavy role-playing flavour can be played cooperative or solo, as it does not require a game director, due to its advanced AI. Players will explore the vast Endarth kingdoms, trying their best to survive and unfold the story beneath the surface... if they can, for countless dangers lurk among its ruins and deep in its woods, and no one protects Midora's Swamp anymore, whose defending walls have retained Monsters for centuries.
EC's huge storytelling will be modifiedbythe decisions you make, withabsolutely amazing and revolutionarymechanicsas never seen before, coming to shake the tabletop gaming scene as we know it.Moaideas Game DesignSpielrunde10:00-18:00Towers of Am'harb (Gigantic) 5A123We made a gigantic version of our new game Towers of Am'harb available for playing at our booth.moses. VerlagSpielrunde11:00-11:30black stories Junior spooky stories; black stories Junior rainbow stories3M115Liverätsel mit Autorin Corinna Harder und Illustrator Helmut Kollars.moses. Verlag Spielrunde13:00-13:30black stories Junior spooky stories; black stories Junior rainbow stories3M115Liverätsel mit Autorin Corinna Harder und Illustrator Helmut Kollars mit anschließender Signierstunde.moses. Verlag Spielrunde15:00-15:30black stories Killer Ladies Edition3M115Liverätsel mit der Autorin Nicola Berger mit anschließender Signierstunde.moses. Verlag Spielrunde17:00-17:30black stories Killer Ladies Edition3M115Liverätsel mit der Autorin Nicola Berger mit anschließender Signierstunde.Mystical GamesSpielrunde10:15-18:30AVGhost Paranormal Investigation5E111AVGhost Paranormal Investigation is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, where you will take control of a team of paranormal investigators. All of them are part of a specialized agency that investigates and solves paranormal events and poltergeist. The game is designed to be played in the dark, with support from a digital APP that will reveal clues, add background music and will startle you with the sounds and voices from different paranormal events. The gaming session will be made inside our black tent. 16 years and older.Parallax GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Dimentals6N104Dimentals is a science fiction, space fantasy card game that utilizes an invisible ink in it's game play and artwork. Throughout the game, a black light mode is initiated and the invisible ink is revealed. That allows detrimental effects (from dimental beings) and character boosts to occur. It is the first game to incorporate this invisible ink into it's game play.PHALANXSpielrunde10:00-19:00Nanty Narking; Europe Divided; Freedom!; U-Boot: The Board Game; 1941: Race to Moscow (Kickstarter)2C122An opportunity to learn how to play and to try out 5 amazing titles: Nanty Narking (in 4 language editions: German, English, French, Spanish), Europe Divided, Freedom!, U-Boot: The Board Game and the prototype version of 1941: Race to Moscow.Quality BeastSpielrunde10:00-19:00Vast5H102Vast is a thematic, asymmetrical take on the classic dungeon crawler in which the typical monsters are no longer the bad guys, but everyone has their own goal, even the cave itself. Come play a demo and/or buy the game in German at our booth!Quality BeastSpielrunde10:00-19:00Root5H102Root is an asymmetrical conflict simulation set in a fantasy forest world where players tell a story of political and tactical conquest through competing animal characters. Come play a demo and/or buy the game in German at our booth!Quality BeastSpielrunde10:00-19:00Quantified (Kickstarter)5H102Quantified is a cooperative game about defending human rights in a dystopian present-day where players pay with personal data to take actions within a rigid and measured system based heavily on social media. Come play a demo at our booth!Quality BeastSpielrunde10:00-19:00The Lady and the Tiger5H102The Lady and the Tiger is a diverse collection of mini-games by different designers, providing lightweight experiences for groups of many sizes. Come play a demo and/or buy the game at our booth!Quality BeastSpielrunde10:00-19:00Towers of the Sun (Kickstarter)5H102Towers of the Sun is a family-friendly, 3D abstract strategy game with elements of building construction, bluffing and player charity. Come play a demo at our booth!Quality BeastSpielrunde10:00-19:00Seize the Bean5H102Seize the Bean is a medium to heavy weight, thematic engine building game with elements of deck building and resource management. Come play a demo at our booth!Ravensburger Spielrunde10:00-19:00Große Spieleausleihe der Ravensburger Neuheiten und ausgewählter Klassiker.3H110REDIMP GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Entity (prototype)2C107Entity is a deduction game where one player plays as an unknown being, a result of a secret government operation conducted during the Vietnam war, whereas other players play as spec ops sent to recon the area of a secret research outpost hidden deep in the jungle.

Every game is a new struggle for humans, because they are aware of the hostile presence, without realising what kind of entity might reside in this unknown territory.

REDIMP GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Pangea2C107Pangea is a strategic board game set in times of the Great Dying. At the end of the Permian all life was on the brink of annihilation.Rudy GamesSpielrunde11:00-12:00LOST GALAXY - The intergalactic card game2C108Meet & Play mit den Machern von LOST GALAXY - Das intergalaktische Kartenspiel!

Meet & Play with the creators of LOST GALAXY - The intergalactic card game!

Schwerkraft-VerlagSpielrunde11:00-14:00Gipfel - Aufstieg in Eisige Höhen3P124Schwerkraft-VerlagSpielrunde11:00-14:00Paladine des Westfrankenreichs3P124Schwerkraft-VerlagSpielrunde11:00-14:00Elemente - Ein Spiel über das Periodensystem3P124Schwerkraft-VerlagSpielrunde14:00-18:00Hau drauf!3P124Schwerkraft-VerlagSpielrunde14:00-18:00Sierra West (deutsche Version)3P124Schwerkraft-VerlagSpielrunde14:00-18:00Tal der Kaufleute: Kollektion3P124ScriBabsSpielrunde10:00-18:00Armata Strigoi5M118Play with the authors Paolo Vallerga and Marco Valtriani the new ScriBabs board game Armata Strigoi.Smiling Monster GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Cabo; Princess Legend; Pfote, Tatze, Miezekatze; Wooolf!; Sirenen in Sicht; Mission: Combat!; Office 21; Jagdfieber2D131Ganztägige Demo-Runden und Spieleerklärung.

All day: game demonstrations and explanations.

Snowdale DesignSpielrunde10:00-19:00Dale of Merchants; Dale of Merchants 2; Dale of Merchants Collection; Dawn of Peacemakers4I122Dive into Daimyria, the world of animalfolks! Play the newest instalment of the Dale of Merchants series and Dawn of Peacemakers. The author of the games, Sami Laakso, is also present and can sign your game if you wish.SpieltriebSpielrunde12:00-15:00Lazovic, PredagFlying Saucers2C148SpielworxxSpielrunde15:00-17:00Throne of Allegoria2B112Spielt mit den Autoren Robin Lees und Steve Mackenzie.

Play with the designers Robin Lees and Steve Mackenzie.

Studio PLAYFOOLSpielrunde10:00-19:00It's Alive!5A103It's Alive! is a ridiculous party game where you create silly characters and then pitch them for silly situations. Who would make the best bodyguard? Will it be Penny the Pen or Mr. Flippy the Spatula? Use your character's traits to build its personality and prove it's the best!Taverna Ludica GamesSpielrunde11:00-13:00Serengeti: A Race for Life 4I110Spielt Serengeti und lasst euch das fesselnde 2-Spieler Deckbuilding-Spiel vom Autor Rogue Marechal erklären!

Play Serengeti, a fascinating 2 player deckbuilding game, introduced by the designer Rogue Marechal!

Taverna Ludica GamesSpielrunde15:00-17:00Serengeti: A Race for Life4I110Spielt Serengeti und lasst euch das fesselnde 2-Spieler Deckbuilding-Spiel vom Autor Rogue Marechal erklären!

Play Serengeti, a fascinating 2 player deckbuilding game, introduced by the designer Rogue Marechal!

Tembo GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Back to the Jungle; Kaboom Universe4K101Discover our games explained by the authors Alvaro G. Echave and Carlos GutiÈrrez.Tempo gamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Runaljod: The sound of the runes (Kickstarter)6N111Runaljod is a miniature game with a new awesome mechanic based on throwing the runes to manage your actions. The position on the runes when they fall on the board will show us the actions we can perform in this turn, like: activate our own character special hability, explore new areas or even count with the god´s power. To activate the enemies we provide an intelligent deck that will show you the actions performed by the enemies on that turn. In Runaljod our objective is to destroy the mythological creatures that where released by forces that escape our knowledge and only the god´s chosen heroes with enough bravery will fullfit such a hard duty.

Embrace the god´s blessing, trust in the power of the runes, and make your path to glory in the halls of Valhalla!

Ticklefarm PublishingSpielrunde10:00-19:00BIZLIVE!5L117The authors of BIZLIVE! welcome board game enthusiasts throughout the day for spontaneous gaming sessions.Tin Hat GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Fantasy Pug Quest (Kickstarter)6D100Fantasy Pug Quest is a cooperative card game where players will impersonate uncanny pugs struggling through epic quests.
In Fantasy Pug Quest the Amazing Worlds are menaced by powerful and evil invaders followed by armies of feral Monsters and it will be up to you to gather the best Heroes of the realms to bring back peace and canine harmony!
Fantasy Pug Quest is a turn-based game for 1 to 5 players suggested for 8 years and older with an average duration of 30 minutes per play, characterized by simple yet endearing game design and by several combos which make each game unique.Twisted Stranger Spielrunde10:00-19:0013 Monsters (Kickstarter)5L10913 Monsters ist ein Brettspiel, das Geschicklichkeit, Gedächtnis und ein wenig Glück erfordert. Denke an die perfekte Strategie, während du die Teile sammelst, erkämpfst oder tauscht, die du benötigst, um dein eigenes ultimatives Monster zu erschaffen.
Noch kein solcher Kämpfer? Suche einfach weiter nach Monstersets auf dem Spielfeld, aber sieh dich immer um! Andere Spieler werden niemals aufhören, ihre eigene Armee mit perfekten Monstern aufzubauen, auch wenn sie dich mit allem, was sie haben, angreifen müssen.
Kannst du deine Monster rechtzeitig erschaffen, um zu verteidigen, was dir gehört, und deine Gegner zu besiegen? Oder kostet dich deine schlechte Strategie einen Arm und ein Bein?Voodoo GamesSpielrunde10:30-18:45FLAUTZ!2B145Demorunden zu FLAUTZ!. Unsere anderen Spiele Karnivor Koala und Xibalba haben wir auch dabei.

Demo rounds FLAUTZ! and you can check out our other games Karnivore Koala and Xibalba.

Voodoo GamesSpielrunde11:00-13:00Isles of Terror2B145Demorunden zu Isle of Terror. Unsere anderen Spiele Karnivor Koala und Xibalba haben wir auch dabei.

Demo rounds Isle of Terror and you can check out our other games Karnivore Koala and Xibalba.

Voodoo GamesSpielrunde13:30-15:30Isles of Terror2B145Demorunden zu Isle of Terror. Unsere anderen Spiele Karnivor Koala und Xibalba haben wir auch dabei.

Demo rounds Isle of Terror and you can check out our other games Karnivore Koala and Xibalba.

Voodoo GamesSpielrunde16:00-18:00Isles of Terror2B145Demorunden zu Isle of Terror. Unsere anderen Spiele Karnivor Koala und Xibalba haben wir auch dabei.

Demo rounds Isle of Terror and you can check out our other games Karnivore Koala and Xibalba.

Wrebbit PuzzlesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Wrebbit 3D™ - ASSEMBLY TABLE4A120Wrebbit 3D™ - Assembly. Complete the Assembly of the Wrebbit 3D™ puzzle and get a chance to get a FREE - Wrebbit 3D™ FORD ANGLIA puzzle from HARRY POTTER.Wrebbit PuzzlesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Wrebbit 3D™ - puzzle assembly HARRY POTTER - Diagon Alley Collection puzzles4A120Wrebbit 3D™ - puzzle assembly HARRY POTTER - Diagon Alley Collection puzzles - Ollivander & Scribbulus; Quality Quidditch & Slug & Jiggers; Madams Malkin & Florean Fortescues and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes & Daily Prophet.Wrebbit PuzzlesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Wrebbit 3D™ - Visual Rallye; Wrebbit 3D™ - Entdecker - Rallye4A120Betrachte die Wrebbit 3D™Puzzle-Modelle aufmerksam. Finde die richtigen Antworten zu unseren Puzzlethemen.

Review Wrebbit 3D™puzzles in demonstration. Solve the riddle by finding proper answers to specific clues and questions.

Yoka GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Chio Hero5H107Welcome to Chio Hero's world! Command your army in a tic-tac-toe battlefield and explore a wonderful and mysterious world!
Chio Hero is a competitive card game. Players take on heroes from Riwarren Land to provoke an epic confrontation. Heroes are all equipped with their own tactics. You can either knock down your opponents by power of units or change the whole situation with spells. What will happen when marvelous skills are combined? You decide!Yoka GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00War of the Three Kingdoms: Kingdom War5H107You are about to enter into a world that combines the elements of role playing, battle, strategy, deception amidst the political struggle between kingdoms. Are you creating the next big disaster? Or will you build an illustrious kingdom with your achievements? This game allows you to play as the Warlords from the historic era of the Three Kingdoms. Experience this fun and exhilarating game over and over again. War of the Three Kingdoms: Kingdom War will let you relive these times in the brutal battlefield!
In the game, players emerge as forces according to the countries their selected Generals belong to, until the emergence of individual forces called Ambitionists .
Players deploy their combination of Generals, if they manage to get a perfect pair of Generals, there will be additional advantages given to such players, this will also help players to understand the relationships according to the world famous novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Are you ready to lead your force to victory?Yoka GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00War of the Three Kingdoms5H107Ancient history of China presents a century's worth of prolonged chaos and war in the story of Three Kingdoms.
The war has also witnessed the birth of numerous warlords in known for their unique abilities, such as Guan Yu and Zhao Yun, generals from the Shu Kingdom, exhibiting the traits of courage, loyalty and righteousness. Military strategists Zhuge Liang and the cunning ruler of Wei Kingdom, Cao Cao, whose brilliance that have inspired many with their philosophies.
War of the Three Kingdoms allows players to assume the identities of these warlords in the game. We bring the factors of role play, strategy and deception along with multiple other elements to create an exciting game that can be enjoyed with many other players.Z-Man GamesSpielrunde10:00-19:00Pandemic - Schnelles Einsatzteam1F103Werdet Teil des schnellen Einsatzteams und spielt die Neuheit in Echtzeit! Zudem könnt ihr hier Pandemic auf der Konsole ausprobieren.
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